Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Has Laura Bush Been Up To?

What Has Laura Bush Been Up To?

A few weeks ago, a billboard with a picture of former President George W. Bush that reads, "Miss me yet?" popped up in Wyoming, Minnesota. With the current president's approval ratings falling lower and lower, it's no surprise Americans are finding themselves longing for the former occupant of the White House. Aside from joining with former President Clinton to raise money for Haitian earthquake relief, President Bush has been fairly quiet lately, but his wife, former First Lady Laura Bush, has been popping up at a number of events over the last few weeks.

In early February, Mrs. Bush helped the Boy Scouts celebrate their 100th anniversary in Evansville, Indiana, by delivering the keynote address. A girl scout herself, the First Lady reminisced about her days hiking and canoeing and talked about how she still goes camping and hiking to this day. She even took the time to answer some questions about everything from what it was like to live in the White House to her favorite book.

Speaking of her love of reading, Mrs. Bush joined the NBA Cares All-Star Community Caravan at a Texas school, earlier this month, to promote her infamous love of reading. She told students, "It's the most important skill you learn in school. If you can read, you can do well in every single subject." Mrs. Bush joined the Mavericks' Jason Terry and former NBA player Dikembe Mutombo to read a book to the students and told students they should read as much as they watch TV.

According to the Associated Press, the former First Lady has also signed on to serve on the advisory board of the Smithsonian's Museum of African American History and Culture. The museum is scheduled to open in 2015 and the board is currently working to raise money.

Next month, the former First Lady will take part in the United States -Afghan Women's Council Conference on Afghan literacy programs at the Bush Institute. The program will focus on literacy in both countries, for people of all ages. The session will be led by Mrs. Bush, who worked tirelessly with the women of Afghanistan during her time in the White House.

In addition to her many appearances, Mrs. Bush's memoirs will be published later this year, on May 4. Spoken From the Heart will be published by Scribner and has been described as "an intimate account of Mrs. Bush’s life experiences.” The book will tell of her life, growing up as an only child, her college years, how she met her husband and future President and tell of her family's life in the White House.

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