Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Angie Harmon: A Conservative Voice from Hollywood

Angie Harmon Conservative Hollywood

When it comes to politics, it's rare to hear anyone in Hollywood speak out against Barack Obama, much less a true conservative voice. Actress Angie Harmon became the exception to the rule, recently, when she told a Fox News reporter she was not a fan of the current President. She also admitted that she's tired of having to defend herself when it comes to disliking Obama:

Here's my problem with this, I'm just going to come out and say it. If I have anything to say against Obama it's not because I'm a racist, it's because I don't like what he's doing as President and anybody should be able to feel that way, but what I find now is that if you say anything against him you're called a racist. But it has nothing to do with it, I don’t care what color he is.
Harmon went on to say she thought Senator John McCain had more experience and would have done a better job and spoke about how much she likes Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin:

I admire any kind of woman like her...People cannot look at this woman. I really think they're afraid of her and her morals, ethics and values and the fact that she hangs on them. Is she the most experienced person in the world? But she was running to be the Vice President, so we then put the most inexperienced person as the President. That didn't make any sense to me.

This isn't the first time Harmon has spoken out about politics. In 2004, she and her husband, former football player, Jason Sehorn, spoke at the 2004 Republican National Convention and actively supported George W. Bush for President. In 2008, she told Us Magazine she would be voting for McCain and was seen attending several fundraisers for the candidate. She explained her dissent from typical liberal Hollywood, "We have an underground Republican Party."

Harmon, who was born in Texas, currently lives in Los Angeles with Sehorn and their three daughters, Finely, Avery, and Emery. On parenting, Harmon has said she raises her daughters "with a healthy dose of manners and religion." She is perhaps best known for her role on "Law and Order" but has also starred in a number of other films and television shows. When she's not being being a political activist, Harmon is very involved with charity and has worked with various groups such as CJ Foundation for SIDS and the HollyRod Foundation.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Meg Whitman's "New California"

Meg Whitman California

"Before asking taxpayers for more money, government should cut bureaucracy, cut spending further, improve efficiency and provide better services for less" - Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman spent much of 2008 active in the presidential election. After serving on former Presidential Candidate and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's National Finance Team, Whitman gave her support to Republican Presidential Nominee, John McCain. During that time, she served as a co-chair of McCain's campaign, spoke at the Republican National Convention, and was even mentioned as a possible choice for Secretary of the Treasury should McCain be elected. Now, Whitman has thrown herself even further into the world of politics, and is running for Governor of California in 2010.

Whitman's campaign platform is "A New California." According to her website, Whitman feels that political leaders in the Golden State haven't met challenges or "seized opportunities" to help California keep its status as the "envy of the world." She wants to help the state become a national and global leader once again:

Restoring California will not be easy. It will take time to uproot old habits… old ways of thinking… and old ways of doing business. But do it we can, and do it we must, because we all love California too much to let it fail.

How does Whitman plan to help California return to its glory days? By focusing on three key issues or the "three bucket theory" as she called it in a recent interview with Fortune Magazine. Job creation and government that "respects taxpayers" are the first two keys. Focus on education is the third one. Whitman feels that good teachers should be rewarded and that all children deserve the best resources and instruction no matter where they are in life.

Whitman became something of a household name when she served as the CEO of eBay from 1998-2008 and was on Fortune Magazine's "Most Powerful Women" list two years in a row (2004, 2005). Before working at eBay, she worked for other major companies such as Procter and Gamble, Hasbro, Stride Rite, and the Walt Disney Company. Whitman is originally from Long Island, NY and graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Business School.

With the amount of big-name support and financial contributions Whitman has on her side, pundits say she has a real chance of winning the GOP nomination for 2010, but the real challenge will be beating her democratic opponent in a very blue state.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Karen Handel for Governor of Georgia

Karen Handel

"Karen's strength of character, her traditional conservative values and her determination to do what is right are what is needed in political office today." - Former Vice President Dan Quayle

On Friday, March 27, Karen Handel announced her decision to run for Governor of the state of Georgia in 2010. A message posted on her Twitter account read, "After prayerful consideration and with the support of my husband Steve, I have decided to run for Governor." Handel, a conservative, has been serving as the state's first Republican Secretary of State since she was elected in 2006.

As Secretary of State, Handel has been a champion for the citizens of Georgia and a strong advocate of responsible government. She fought against voter fraud by defending the state's Photo ID law and has launched the "Transparency in Government Initiative" which allows citizens to view the Secretary of State's financial information online, along with the Office Ethics Policy. Handel has even cut her agency's budget and saves money by eliminating wasteful spending. She told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she goes "line by line" through the budget each month. Recently, she launched a website providing resources and information for voters with disabilities.

Even before becoming Secretary of State, Handel had already achieved quite an impressive resume. She served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Marilyn Quayle (wife of former Vice President, Dan Quayle) where she helped support efforts to raise breast cancer awareness and secure funding for women's health research. She also served as Deputy Chief of Staff and as a senior policy advisor for current Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue. Handel served as President and CEO of the North Fulton County Chamber of Commerce and was also elected as Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. During her time as Chairman, Handel managed to balance the County's budget, fight against tax increases, uncover corruption, and pass a strong ethics policy. Politics hasn't been Handel's only career. She has worked as executive in the business world for several major companies.

Handel's accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Georgia Trend Magazine named her one of the "100 Most Influential Political Leaders in Georgia." She was also chosen as one of "Atlanta's Most Influential Leaders" by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and was Atlanta Woman magazine's "Woman of the Year" in 2007. Former head of the Georgia GOP, Rusty Paul, has praised her as "relentless and extremely hardworking."

I think it's safe to say that if elected, Karen Handel will continue her hard work and dedication to the citizens of Georgia. You can learn more about her at her website: Karen Handel for Governor of Georgia.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Supriya Jindal - Louisiana's First Lady

Supriya Jindal
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is one of the Republican Party's rising stars, but not many know the state's first lady, Supriya Jindal. Despite being the youngest first lady in the country, at 37, Mrs. Jindal already has quite the list of accomplishments.

Jindal was born in New Delhi, India, but has spent most of her life in Louisiana. She has also spent her entire life as a Republican; Jindal tells NOLA.com, "I've always been a Republican. My parents, too." Described as a "model student" by a former professor, Jindal attended college at Tulane University where she studied chemical engineering, earned a Master's degree in business administration, and is just shy of a Ph.D. from Louisiana State.

Despite going to high school together and the Governor's then crush on the "prettiest girl I'd ever seen," Supriya and Governor Bobby Jindal didn't reconnect until 1997 when Bobby invited her on a date. A few months and a few dating mishaps later, they were married. The Jindals have three children: Selia, Shaan, and Slade.

As first lady of Louisiana, she has started The Supriya Jindal Foundation. According to the foundation's website, their mission is to:

...aid Louisiana’s children in all aspects of education, with special emphasis on mathematics and the sciences, while also giving teachers new tools that will foster an innovative and enriching learning environment

Through the foundation, Jindal says she wants to help Louisiana's children develop an interest and talent in science and math so they can become "competitive in the national and global economy."

In a recent interview with Meghan McCain at The Daily Beast, Jindal say she never thought she'd be involved in politics but she loves seeing the difference her husband makes in their home state and she enjoys traveling around the state and meeting different people. From the interview:

One thing that I have discovered going on the campaign trail is that it doesn’t matter what kind of an education you have, how big your house is, or what kind of car you drive or what color you are, what party you belong to, what religion you are. None of that matters. At the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing for their families and their children. They all want a better life for their children. We have all these labels and things, but we are all working toward the same goal: We all want a better life for our family than we have for ourselves.

You can read more of McCain's interview with Supriya Jindal at The Daily Beast.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Advocate for Special Needs

With President Barack Obama's "Special Olympics" joke being one of the most talked about stories this week, it's easy to overlook the many politicians in Washington D.C. who are making a positive impact on people with disabilities and special needs. One of those politicians is Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. McMorris Rodgers, who serves Washington's 5th Congressional District, is the most senior ranking Republican woman in Congress and serves as Vice-Chair of the House Republican Conference. In 2007, she and her husband Brian Rodgers gave birth to a son, Cole. Cole was born with Down Syndrome.

McMorris Rodgers has said that finding out her son would be born with Down Syndrome "was a shock at first" but she was overwhelmed by how many people reached out to share their own stories with her, when she announce the news. In a recent interview, the Congresswoman said,

As word spread, I was overwhelmed with letters and email from people all over the country wanting to share their story with me. They wanted me to know I wasn't alone and that my baby was going to have a very positive and unique impact on my life. I received hundreds, perhaps over a thousand of those stories. To this day, I have (all the stories) kept in a binder, and they are a special source of encouragement.

Inspiration from these families and her own experience set McMorris Rodgers into action. Last year, along with a bi-partisan group of members of Congress, McMorris Rodgers created the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus to help other families who are dealing with the condition. In a press release, the Congresswoman said she wanted her own son to have every opportunity to reach his full potential and believed the Caucus would help other families do just that.

Some of the goals of the Congressional Down Syndrome Caucus include promoting and funding research, promoting inclusiveness for people with Down Syndrome, advocating for their rights, and raising expectations to improve education. Recently, McMorris Rodgers spoke at the Down Syndrome AIA Conference in Washington DC where she encourage families with members who have Down Syndrome to contact their representatives and share their personal stories and needs. You can learn more about Congresswoman's crusade at her personal website: Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers : Down Syndrome or by watching this video featuring McMorris Rodgers and her adorable son, Cole!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sarah Palin to Turn Down Stimulus Funds

Sarah Palan to Refuse Stimulus Funds

“Will we chart our own course, or will Washington engineer it for us?” - Governor Sarah Palin

Of the $930 million in stimulus funds awarded to the state of Alaska, Governor Sarah Palin has said she doesn't want nearly a third of it. Joining the ranks of many other Republican governors such as South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, who are not accepting the full amount offered to them, Palin insists there are just too many strings attached. According to the Anchorage Daily News, Palin rejected money that would go towards government operations. Governor Palin had this to say:

We won’t be bound by federal strings in exchange for dollars, nor will we dig ourselves a deeper hole in two years when these federal funds are gone. For instance, in order to accept what look like attractive energy funds, our local communities would be required to adopt uniform building codes. Government would then be required to police those codes. These types of funds are not sensible for Alaska.
As expected, many Alaskan Democrats are outraged at Governor Palin and insist she's doing this for her own political gain. Despite their assertions, Palin's approval rating amongst her constituents remains strong at 61%, a number much higher than most of her fellow state governors, particularly democrats.

In other Palin news, the Governor has expressed her shock and outrage over the comments President Obama made on "The Tonight Show" regarding the Special Olympics:

This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world. These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will. By the way, these athletes can outperform many of us and we should be proud of them. I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.
Sarah Palin has a unique perspective on people with special needs as she and her husband Todd Palin have a one year old son, Trig, who was born with with Down Syndrome.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kay Ivey for Governor of Alabama?

Is Alabama State Treasurer, Kay Ivey, planning to run for Governor of the state in 2010? That's what the people of Alabama seem to think. Even though Ivey hasn't officially declared her candidacy, she has taken many steps in that direction. Rumor has it that Ivey has set aside one million dollars for her campaign. She has hired notable Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway to help her get an idea of what the people of Alabama want and has also formed an exploratory committee.

Originally elected in 2003, Kay Ivey is currently serving her second term as Alabama's State Treasure. She was born and raised in the state and is a graduate of Auburn University. As a former teacher, Ivey seems to have a passion for education. One of her biggest accomplishments as treasurer has been helping pass legislation to give tax breaks to families who are saving for their children's college education. She was also elected to the Executive Board of the College Savings Plan Network and enjoys encouraging young people to get involved with public service.

In the 2008 Republican primary, Ivey supported presidential candidate Mitt Romney and even served as his Alabama chairperson. During that time, she put out a "Call to Conservatives," asking Republicans to vote for Romney based on his conservative stances on a number of important issues. She also praised Senator John McCain's choice of Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate in the 2008 election, calling her an "effective governor, a strong fiscal conservative and a ferocious fighter for conservative values."

Ivey, who has been named an "emerging leader" by the Republican Governor's Association, has said she will make her final decision about her candidacy by June. You can learn more about Ivey and her accomplishments at the Alabama State Treasury Website.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rosanna Pulido: Conservative for Illinois' Fifth District

Rosanna Pulido Rosanna Pulido has been described as everything from "feisty" to "provocative." On April 7, 2009, in a special election to fill White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's former seat in the Fifth Congressional District of Illinois, Pulido and her supporters are hoping to take that attitude all the way to Washington. Pulido, who was born and raised in the Fifth District, became one step closer to fulfilling that dream when she won the Republican primary for that seat in early March.

So who exactly is Rosanna Pulido? Whether she's helping to solve the United States and Mexico's border problems or being an advocate for senior citizens, she is a woman with a history of standing up for the causes she believes in. Pulido's conservative values may account for her strong pro-life stance against abortion. Her staunch support of the 2nd Amendment comes from her belief that every person has the right to protect themselves and she feels that the people of Illinois are being denied their constitutional rights. While caring for her own parents, Pulido became a voice for senior citizens.

But perhaps her biggest cause is the fight against illegal immigration. Being the daughter and granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, Pulido has a unique perspective on this issue and feels that it helps make her an effective leader, but it hasn't prevented her from being labeled a racist. Despite those attacks, Pulido says she sees the issue as a matter of right and wrong. From her website:

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. It hurts American workers and Legal Immigrants. It hurts the taxpayers of Illinois to the tune of 3.5 BILLION dollars a year. We must give American workers a break and demand that every business uses E-Verify which allows businesses to check if their potential employee is legal to work in the United States.

Unlike many politicians, Rosanna Pulido doesn't just talk the talk. Over the last decade, Pulido has been fighting for the causes she believes in. She was one of the original Minutemen at the American-Mexican border in 2005 and is currently the head of the Illinois Minutemen; the only female to head a state branch of the Minutemen. She has worked for Federation of American Immigrant Reform and spent most of 1999 serving as a missionary in Mexico. She has also worked in law enforcement and hosted a talk-radio show that helped shed light on what services are available to seniors.

Pulido claims that she is the common sense answer for both Republicans and Democrats who are "fed up with Illinois politics."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

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