Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valerie Meyers: A Lifelong Republican for Georgia's 8th

Valerie Meyers: A Lifelong Republican for Georgia's 8th
Valerie Meyers describes herself as a "lifelong Republican." That's because she's always believed in limited government in our lives, as well Constitutional rule. She believes that current leadership and representatives are betraying the country's principles in the name of self-interest, and feels that the base of the GOP needs to reclaim the party. Above all, she feels it's important for citizens to be able to take advantage of their right to life and liberty as granted by the Constitution. From her website:

"Our personal liberties have gradually been eroded. The federal government has asserted that it has the authority to mine, collect, and store information on the personal matters of American citizens based on security or expediency, often in violation of our 4th Amendment guarantees against illegal search and seizure, and our 5th Amendment guarantees against self-incrimination.We can prosper and protect our national security without intruding into the personal lives of American citizens. I vow to fight on behalf of preserving our personal liberties."

Like many Republicans, Meyer is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-free markets. She feels the country needs to return to its capitalistic roots to become prosperous again. Meyers feels this can be done by, "removing all government imposed barriers that impede or prevent business and industry from conducting business," including the corporate income tax. She also feels the 16th Amendment must be repealed and supports the proposed, much-talked-about Fair Tax system.

When it comes to education, she supports a parent's right to choose where and how their children are education. She attributes Georgia's 22% high school drop-out rate to federal government control and a malfunctioning statewide system. She is also in opposition to government-controlled health care, again feeling that an individual has the right to choose what kind of health care they receive and where they receive it.

She is an active member of the Georgia Republican Party and has served as vice chairman in her district, as well as serving as a delegate at the county, district and state conventions and as a precinct chairman. She has been campaigning and fundraising for GOP candidates for twenty years. In 2008, she served as the Houston County Coordinator and 8th Congressional District Coordinator for Congressman Ron Paul's presidential campaign. She still remains active in Campaign for Liberty, a movement that began after Congressman Paul's presidential run. She is considered one of many "Liberty Candidates" running for office across the country.

A true Southerner, Meyers grew up in Huntsville, Alabama and graduated from the University of South Alabama. She currently attends Mercer University in Atlanta, where she is working on her Master's Degree. She also works as a technical writer and information technology business analyst for Computer Services Corporation. Her work there involves product development for United States Air Force bases around the world.

Meyers and her children, Isabel and Zane live in Bonaire, Georgia. She attends the Warner Robbins Church of Christ and runs in her spare time. She has participated in several marathons and triathlons.

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