Monday, May 31, 2010

Linda Biamonte for New Jersey's 2nd

Linda Biamonte for New Jersey's 2ndNew Jersey's 2nd District is the largest in the entire state. It includes the entire Atlantic Coast, Cape May, Cumberland, County, Salem County, and parts of Gloucester, Burlington, and Camden Counties. All in all, it houses 82 municipalities. If New Jersey native Linda Biamonte gets her way, she'll be representing them all in Congress next year. As her website says, Biamonte wants to put "the 'represent' back in Representative."

Linda Biamonte grew up with her single mother in Ocean City, New Jersey, where she attended public schools and participated in a number of sports. She lettered in basketball and softball, and enjoyed surfing and skating. But she was also a good student, excelling in English and history, who could often be found in the library, doing research. According to her website, her upbringing helped her develop the values she'd like to bring to Congress,
"Because she is an only child raised by a single parent she learned independence and responsibility at a young age. Naturally, she came to appreciate teamwork, the value of a dollar and the closeness of community."
Biamonte, who is currently an Egg Harbor resident, is a strong supporter of our military. She has been a member of the Gathering of Eagles for four years, a group who works to "thwart unjust attacks against our Military" from groups such as Code Pink. The group is non-partisan and compromised of many smaller groups, including Band of Mothers and vets for Freedom. As a matter of fact, one of the main issues Biamonte is campaigning on is support of troops and veterans, including providing health care funding for soldiers who are deployed or injured in the line of duty, and ensuring that troop and veteran funding is never cut.

Biamonte is also a member of many other groups and causes; these include Operation Baghdad Pups, the ASPCA, Toys for Tots, Just Give, We Are a Republic and the NRA. As an NRA member, she supports Second Amendment rights, firearm ownership, and the right to bear arms, stating that "people kill people, not firearms," and "the lawless don't care about gun control laws, only the law abiding citizens care about laws." She's also pro-life and says there is no distinction between the born and unborn. She believes current abortion laws are "poorly constructed."

With a strong desire for self-improvement, Biamonte started out as a boardwalk waitress and went on to work in the food and beverage field, where she held a Union position, public relations, computers, and advertising media. She current serves as Vice President of Sales Americas at Civolution, an advertising technology firm. She put herself through school, advanced her education by retaining a Project Management IS/IT at Villanova, and considers herself, a self-made woman.

So what does Biamonte want to do for the business world? A true fiscal Conservative, she believes in putting "more money in the hands of investors and small businesses through investment tax cuts," cutting payroll taxes, and giving an investment tax cut to small businesses within the first year. Biamonte recognizes that small business owners are the backbone of the country and create the majority of the nation's jobs, and does not believe that creating more government jobs is the answer.

To read more about Linda Biamonte, vist her website here. The New Jersey primaries will be held on June 8.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sandy Adams for Congress in Flordia's 24th

Sandy Adams: a Veteran for Flordia's 33rd "I have devoted my life to my family, my profession, and a personal crusade on behalf of the citizens of Florida." - Sandy Adams

Sandy Adams is no stranger to serving her country or the people of Florida. As a deputy sheriff, member of the United States Air Force, and member of the Florida House of Representatives, Adams has been doing just that for years. In addition to taking care of her family, she sees it as a top priority and that's probably why she's decided to take her service to the United States Congress. Here is a look at a true Conservative, who is running for Congress in Florida's 24th Congressional District.

Sandy Adams was born in Wyandotte, Michigan in 1956 and moved to Florida eight years later. After serving in the United States Air Force, Adams became a Deputy Sheriff and Investigator for the Orange County Sheriff's Office. She worked in law enforcement for nearly two decades, dedicating her life to the people of Florida. During that time, she also served as the President of the Central Florida Chapter Concerns of Police Survivors Incorporated. According to her official website, Adams knows what it's like to struggle, as many Americans are now. As a young woman, she found herself a single mother of a daughter, attempting to finish college. Today, both she and her daughter are college graduates. She got her BA in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College in 2000.

In 2002, Adams decided to take a different route to serving the people of her state. She ran for office, hoping to become a member of the Florida House of Representatives. She was elected and has been serving ever since. Once she was elected, she was tapped to head the Homeland Security Workers’ Compensation work group and served as Chair of the Seminole County Legislative Delegation. She went on to serve as Chair of the Orange County Legislative Delegation and is currently the Chair of the Seminole County Legislative Delegation again. She also currently serves as Chair of the Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations Committee, Vice-Chair of the Criminal and Civil Justice Policy Council, Vice-Chair of the Public Safety and Domestic Security Policy Committee and Vice-Chair of the Select Committee on Seminole Indian Compact Review, and is a member of the Full Appropriations Council on General Government and Health Care and the Rules and Calendar Council.

As chair of the House Domestic Security Committee, Adams was a strong voice for security. She passed legislation that promoted security at seaports, general aviation airports, and hurricane preparedness and recovery. She helped schools receive adequate funding, helped promote sales tax relief, worked on getting tougher sentences for sexual predators, protecting victims and protecting personal information for concealed weapon permit holders. She also worked to ensure services for seniors and stood up against eminent domain laws. Recently, Adams has filed Enforcement of Immigration Laws legislation.

The Orlando Sentinel endorsed her runs for the Florida House and has called her, "an expert on public-safety issues and committed to the thankless but essential task of juvenile-justice reform." In 2006, the Sentinel printed, “Her success in that area and others, coupled with her ability to work across party lines, makes Ms. Adams the best…Her leadership skills are reflected in her ability to push successfully…Ms. Adams ‘ passion for public safety is understandable…But she’s branched beyond that expertise."

So, where does she stand on the issues? Adams has said that small businesses are what drives the Florida economy and believes the best thing the government can do for entrepreneurs is offer incentives for new technology and to attract businesses to areas where they are needed, not offer regulation and higher taxes that often drive small businesses away. She believes the tax code should be made simpler and people should not be penalized because they are married or own businesses. She has also proposed we remove the death tax.

Adams believes the nation should become energy independent. From her website,

"We need an energy policy that encourages all forms of energy including nuclear, clean coal, natural gas, wind, solar, geothermal, hydro power, and safe off shore oil drilling. I am opposed to the Cap and Trade legislation that would place a national energy tax on all American families and small businesses. If Cap and Trade passes, our local economy---more so than other states---will suffer. Families will pay higher utility rates and thousands will lose their jobs. We need an energy bill that saves jobs, improves our economy and promotes technology and innovation while moving our country towards energy independence."
Sandy Adams and her husband, John, live in Orlando. The couple has three children.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Anna Little: From Mayor to Congresswoman

Anna Little: From Mayor to CongresswomanWhen it comes to immigration, Anna Little knows a thing or two about it. She's represented clients from several countries as an immigration lawyer. And with her experience as mayor of Highlands, New Jersey, she has experience managing a "fiscally responsible municipality by reducing the budget, and implementing an economic growth vision for her hometown." Now, Little wants to take those skills and that knowledge to Congress. Here is a look at her life, experience, and stances on the values important to Americans.

Anna Campbell Little was born at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, New Jersey. She grew up in Middletown, New Jersey, where she attended Harmony School, St. Catherine's, St. Mary's, Thompson Junior High School, and Middletown High School South. She attended Seton Hall University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages, as well as her Juris Doctor degree at Seton Hall's School of Law. She also studied at Sophia University in Tokyo.

It seems as though Little has always had a passion for the international, which may be why she ended up in private practice as an immigration attorney. In that capacity, she has represented clients from all the world, including Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Israel, Greece, India, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Congo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, and Thailand. Little is fluent in French and Spanish and has a "working knowledge" of Japanese and Russian.

Perhaps it is her work with legal immigrants that has helped build her ideas about illegal immigration. From her website,
The United States is a country of immigrants. A sincere and common sense immigration policy will help ensure a prosperous future. However, a country, which does not secure its borders, will cease to be a sovereign nation. Stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into our country is the first step in the process of regaining control of our Republic, and insuring our national security. Our borders need to be sealed to incoming illegals by all means necessary. In addition, all our systems and institutions must be reformed to prohibit illegals from receiving any public services. Having these services available to illegals becomes an incentive to illegally come here, or coming here on a visa and then illegally overstaying. We must not “allow” employers to hire illegals for the benefit of “cheap labor”, and laws must be enforced to sanction employers who hire them. I would not support legislation that grants “amnesty”.

Little says she would support the Border Fence Act of 2006 and vote to support funding it, as well as the E-verify System.

Little says she wants become a Congresswoman because she want "serve the people of the Congressional District according to the core values derived from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill Of Rights...," which is something many Americans are in search of this year. She believes that it is the individual's right to keep and decide how to spend what they earn and that government involvement in our lives should be limited. Little would also like to see the country return to the concept of free market principles.

Little is a supporter of the Enumerated Powers Act, which requires Congress to add a statement to any bill introduced, citing specifically how it fits under Constitutional Authority. She is also a supporter of the Fair Tax, saying it "would unleash the private economy... Companies from all over the world would relocate to the US instead of leaving our shores; domestic industry would likewise thrive." She is against the current government health care plan and feels the "public option" will destroy the industry as we know. She doesn't feel health care needs to be reformed, but instead, a few changes should be made, including tort reform, selling insurance across state lines to increase competition, removing anti-trust protection for insurance companies, and encouraging Health Savings Accounts. Little is pro-life when it comes to abortion, pro-choice when it comes to education, and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

As mentioned, Little currently serves as the mayor of the Borough of Highlands, New Jersey. From 2006 to 2008, she served as a Monmouth County Freeholder, where she exercised her desires to create a more responsible government. She established the Continuous Budget Review Committee and hosted an Economic Development Summit. From 2002 to 2006 she served on the Highlands Borough Council.

Little and her husband have three children and in her spare time, she enjoys singing in the choir at her church. She is also a member of the Historical Society of Highlands, the Highlands Republican Club, the Highlands Community Singers, and the Baykeeper's Oyster Reseeding Project.

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