Monday, April 26, 2010

Dr. Deborah Honeycutt for Congress in Georgia's 13th

Dr. Deborah Honeycutt for Congress in GeorgiaDr. Deborah Travis Honeycutt calls herself an "independent Frederick Douglass Republican." She says she's running for Congress because she's "angry" at what our government is doing. "Congresspersons are supposed to be leaders, servant leaders, serving the people and leading them toward solutions... I do believe that anyone in leadership must exhibit honest, integrity at the highest levels. Otherwise, we need to allow them the opportunity to do something else," she says on her website. And if Honeycutt has her way, Congressman David Scott of Georgia's 13th Congressional District will be allowed "the opportunity to do something else." Here is a look at Honeycutt's life and where she stands on the important issues facing Georgia and the United States.

Dr. Deborah Honeycutt was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended the University of Illinois - Urbana, where she received her Bachelor's degree in Dance Education, Master's degree in Dance, and eventually attended the school's College of Medicine, where she became a doctor and laid the foundation for what would be a very extensive career in the medical profession.

She's worked as a faculty member at Atlanta Medical Center's Family Practice Residency Training Program and has also worked as an educator at Emory University's Family Practice Residency Training Program. She's worked as a family physician at Georgia Baptist; at her own private practice, Five Points Family Practice in Fairburn, Georgia; and Eagles Landing Family Practice in Hampton, Georgia.

In 2004, Dr. Honeycutt became the President of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians and later served as Chairman of the Board of Directors. She's been appointed to the American Academy of Family Physicians' Commission on Education and served twice as the Minority Constituency Delegate and twice as the Georgia State Delegate to the American Academy of Family Physicians. In 2005, she was appointed Medical Director of Good Shepherd Clinic, a free clinic located in Morrow, Georgia and she worked in this position until her decision to run for Congress.

She has been instrumental in lobbying for better health care at both the state and federal level and is very involved with the community and health care-related activism. She often speaks on topics that often affect African Americans such as diabetes, obesity, and domestic violence, and has served on the board of the CareNet Pregnancy Resource Center of Atlanta, as well as the Board of Directors of the Georgia Partnership for Caring. Currently, she is a member of the Georgia Free Clinic Network Board of Directors and is co-chair of the Georgia Department of Community Health Minority Health Advisory Council.

With all of this experience in health care under her belt, Dr. Honeycutt strongly opposes nationwide, government sponsored health care, saying the issues failed in other countries, and "a government sponsored one size fits all solution won't fit anyone." Instead, she feels we should rely on "free markets and multi group efforts that allow government to do its part and citizens to do their part." She says that when she was working in her own private practice, she was not able to help the people who most needed help because of government restrictions in place that prevented her from doing so and feels people should be empowered to help themselves, not to be helpless.

Dr. Honeycutt is also a proponent of the Fair Tax system. From her website,

"I have examined alternatives and found the FairTax to offer the best hope of returning our tax system to our constitutional principles, providing both increased fairness and dramatic simplification, as well as positioning this country to continue to prosper in the increasingly competitive global marketplace of the 21st century. "

Even though she's currently campaigning, Honeycutt continues to work as a volunteer physicians at the Good Shepherd free clinic. She has also taken an active roll, becoming a voice for issues in her community, such as community values and public education. She attends school board meetings in Clayton County, as well as Clayton County Home Owners Association meetings, and regularly meets with elected officials.

Dr. Honeycutt is married to Dr. Andrew Honeycutt, a Distinguished Fellow of Business at Shorter College. They are members of the Word of Faith Family Cathedral in Austell, Georgia and reside in Fayetteville, Georgia.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Angela McGlowan: From Fox News to Congress

Angela McGlowan Running for CongressIf you watch Fox News, you've probably seen Angela McGlowan giving her sassy, conservative opinion on any number of programs. McGlowan, who has done everything from start her own business to write a book, certainly doesn't hesitate to share her opinion and now she's taking her tenacity and strong will to Congress, or so she hopes. Earlier this year, McGlowan announced she's running for Congress in her home state of Mississippi. Here is a look at the woman who feels she's ready to fight for Mississippi's First Congressional District.

McGlowan says she's running for office because she's "fed up [but] will never give up." She describes herself as a "conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-small business Mississippi Republican" and says she will "fight for North Mississippians like no one has ever fought for them before."

McGlowan was born in Oxford, Mississippi to James Thompson McGlowan, a minister, who she says installed a many important values in her, just before his death that occurred when she was just twelve years old. She was educated in the public school system and graduated from the University of Mississippi with a bachelor's degree in Public Administration, with an emphasis in Criminal Justice and Political Science.

She is the founder and CEO of Political Strategies and Insights, a government affairs, political strategy, public relations, and advocacy consulting firm based in Washington, DC. McGlowan served as the Director of Governmental Affairs and Diversity Development for News Corporation from 1999-2005, where she developed and implemented diversity initiatives. She also worked as a Congressional advocate on News Corp's behalf. Public service is not new to McGlowan. She served as the Director of Outreach for the Better America Foundation, an organization founded by Senator Bob Dole aimed at promoting community empowerment and helped set the stage for the Senator's 1996 presidential run.

McGlowan served as Government and Public Affairs Manger for Steve Winn of Mirage Resorts, Inc, where she lobbied initiatives with the American Gaming Association, in an effort to help start Mirage Resorts gaming properties at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi. She also worked as an aide to Congressman Roscoe Bartlett of Maryland and Representative John Ensign of Nevada, as well as serving as a publicist for Ensign's 1996 re-election campaign.

Perhaps most people know McGlowan as a political analyst for the Fox News Channel. But she has quite the television career under her belt. She worked as a host for Good Day Street Talk for New York's' Fox 5 WNYW, and has appeared on several other shows and networks, including PBS's To the Contrary, America's Black Forum, BET Tonight, This is America with Dennis Wholey, and ABC's Politically Incorrect. A seasoned writer, McGlowan's work has appeared in the Washington Times, Clarion Ledger, Athens-Banner Herald, Oxford Eagle, American Newspaper, Ebony Magazine, Jet Magazine, the Washington Post, Insight Magazine, New York Magazine, and her book, BAMBOOZLED: How Americans Are Being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda, was a national bestseller.

You can read more about Angela McGlowan at her website:

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