Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christina Jeffrey: A Conservative For South Carolina

Christina Jeffrey: A Conservative For South Carolina

With so much going wrong in Washington, DC these days, it seems as though Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents are already getting set to bring true change to government in 2010. One such person is Christina Jeffrey. Jeffrey is running for Congress in South Carolina's Fourth Congressional District on a platform of social and fiscal conservatism. According to her website, she is running because she is tired of "tyranny,"

"Like you, I hate tyranny in all its ugly forms. The founding fathers made sure that our system would enable us to resist tyrants. But for their system to work, each branch of government has to be checked by the other branches. That’s not happening, and it is also why we see the people rising up to protest an overactive Presidency and a flaccid Congress."

So who is Christina Jeffrey? According to her website, she is a college professor with a PhD in political science and a person who has "built her life upon Conservative Principles." She has worked in Germany and Turkey, experience that enhanced her knowledge of international problems our country is facing. She has worked as a tenured Associated Professor of Political Science at both Kennesaw State and the University of Georgia. She has also served as the Congressional Historian for the 104th United State Congress. Jeffrey is currently a professor at Wofford College, where she teaches Foundations of American Government.

Jeffrey claims her knowledge of international trade, public policy and economic issues are just what her district needs and says she understands the many challenges facing our country today. Of Congressman Bob Inglis, who currently serves South Carolina's Fourth District, she has said,

“We do not have real representation in Washington, he is symbolic of the path many Republicans have taken over the past few years as he has continued to compromise our conservative values. He is sadly out of touch with his constituents. What the SC 4th district needs is someone who adhere to the republican principles. Times have changed, but the principles that brought the Republican Party to power in 1980 are the principles held by the majority of the 4th congressional district. What we need is new leadership that will adhere to the republican principles.”
On her website, you can also find "Christina's Big Five," a set of five important topics that Jeffrey is basing her campaign on; they are: 1) Constitution, 2) Money, 3) Country, 4) Rights and 5) Values. Under "Our Constitution," she states that she believes The Constitution of the United States serves as the foundation of our laws and is not subject to judicial reinterpretation. Under "Our Money," Jeffrey talks about the decline of the United States dollar and what can be done to fix it such as limited federal spending.

For number three, "Our Country" Jeffrey mentions national security and takes a very pro-military stance on the issues. She also mentions that she is anti-illegal immigrant, but also pro-legal immigrant. She feels the country must maintain our sovereignty and strong national security to remain the "most free, most prosperous nation on earth." "Our Rights" is about fighting the nanny state. Jeffrey is a pro-gun candidate who supports the Second Amendment, and a strong proponent of free speech, property rights, and individual liberties.

Finally, Jeffrey believes our American values are those based on the Judeo-Christian ideals of the Founding Fathers. She believes "religious expressions of individuals should be accommodated in the public sphere." She also believe in protecting the innocent, making her a pro-life candidate. She is also in favor of traditional marriage and believes Affirmative Action is unconstitutional.

Christina Jeffrey is one of five Republican candidates who will be on the ballot for the primary held on June 10, 2010.

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