Saturday, May 2, 2009

Women of the GOP Weekly Round-Up

Sarah Palin Joins Twitter

Many Conservative and Republican women are doing great things this week. Here is your weekly round-up!

- Governor Sarah Palin became the latest politician to jump on the Twitter bandwagon this week. To give you an idea of just how popular the Governor continues to be, less than 48 hours ago, she had around 600 Twitter "followers." Now, she has a little over 14,000.

- In other Palin news, the Governor appeared on the TLC show "American Chopper" this week. You can watch part of the interview here:

- In even more Palin news, Time Magazine listed its annual list of "100 Most Influential People." Not surprisingly, Governor Palin made the list.

- Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins of Kansas will deliver the GOP response to President Barack Obama's weekly radio address this Saturday. According to her website, she will "speak on Washington’s spending habits, the massive debt being piled on the backs of the next generation and the need for bipartisan cooperation going forward." Jenkins is the first freshman Republican ever asked to respond to a Presidential radio address.

- While most of Hollywood has had some not so nice things to say about Miss California Carrie Prejean's response to a question about gay marriage, actress Angie Harmon defended the beauty queen telling Us Magazine,

"If someone is standing up for how they feel and talking about their beliefs, why are we punishing her for that? I just don't understand how we've gotten to a place in America where, if someone doesn't agree with everyone, then they are punished for it."

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