Monday, May 11, 2009

Candice Miller: A Voice for National Defense

Candice Miller: A Voice for National Defense

When Congresswoman Candice Miller (R-Michigan) visited Guantanamo Bay in March, she came to one conclusion: Guantanamo Bay should not be closed and the detainees should not be released. "You're looking at pure evil," she said. Miller, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, toured the detention center with a bipartisan group of members of Congress. There, they talked to troops and received a classified briefing on the detainees. As to how the detainees were being treated Miller said,

"I think many Americans would be surprised at how humanely these people are being treated. For example, the medical facilities are second to none. All the modern apparatus of a U.S. hospital are offered there."

Milller also said she learned that the facility was modeled after two United States jails, including one from her home state of Michigan's Lenawee County, saying, "If it's good enough for state prisoners in Michigan, it should be good enough for terrorists." She has co-sponsored a bill that would prevent prevent the transport of detainees to American prisons.

Congresswoman Miller has served on the House Homeland Security Committee since March 2008. She represents Michigan's 10th District which is a border district and home to the Blue Water Bridge, the second busiest border crossing on the northern tier. Her district is also home to the Selfridge Air National Guard Base, three Coast Guard stations, and it borders Chemical Valley, one of the largest collections of petro-chemical operations in North America and the CN Rail Tunnel, the busiest rail artery in the U.S. Serving this location. Because of the 10th District's location, it's no surprise that Miller's top priorities include building homeland security presence, enhancing the security of our airways, roadways, railways and waterways, and securing our food and water supplies by enhancing Northern Border security.

Miller also serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. According to Miller, Michigan has never gotten its share of tax dollars returned for its infrastructure needs. The Committee allows her to offer oversight and influence to insure the Blue Water Bridge and other similar portals receive deserved federal attention. It also allows her to serve as a voice for protecting the Great Lakes, Michigan's most cherished natural resources.

Before being elected to Congress, Miller served as Michigan's Secretary of State for two terms. She is a lifelong resident of Macomb County, Michigan and before entering public service, she worked for her family's marina business on Clinton River. She and her husband, Donald Miller, a former Air National Guard Colonel and current Macomb County Circuit Court Judge have one daughter.

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