Saturday, April 18, 2009

Women of the GOP "In the News" Round-Up

Lots of great Conservative and Republican women in the news this week, here is your weekly round-up!

- Condoleezza Rice's name has been in the headlines this week. What exactly has she been up to? Is she running for office? Returning to academia? Not exactly. Looks like she is writing about the Masters over at The Daily Beast. Not exactly what the world expected! (Stick around - tomorrow, "Women of the GOP" will have a profile on Secretary Rice, including everything else Rice is up to these days!)

- Did you attend your local Tax Day Tea Party on Wednesday? Thousands of Americans gathered in large cities and small towns to protest the government's misuse of our tax dollars! GOP Women from all walks of life were out in full force! Actress, Janine Turner, attended the San Antonio Tea Party. Georgia Secretary of State and candidate for Governor Karen Handel told a crowd at the Peachtree City Tea Party the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress are "in the midst of a full-on assault on the freedoms that this country was founded upon."

- Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been making a name for herself and getting under the skin of many liberals, lately. Bachmann isn't hesitant to criticize current Democrats in office or their policies and this week, she has been making headlines for daring to speak out and warn against Americorp.

- Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told a "Right to Life" crowd in Indiana, this week, that she briefly considered having an abortion when she found out her youngest son, Trig, would be born with Down syndrome. She followed that idea by saying, "The moment he was born, I knew that moment my prayers had been answered." Despite the way the mainstream media has handled the story, those who attended the event say the speech made them love and respect the Governor even more. You can watch part of Palin's speech here:

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  1. Rice for President Yahoo Group

    "Condoleezza Rice for President in 2012. Join this group of supporters from everywhere on the world wide web."

    The GOP missed a great opportunity when it didn't draft Condi for President or for VP on McCain's ticket.

    McCain - Rice 2008 ticket. The case for VP Condi.
    (includes a 37 video 2-hour video playlist)

    If we are talking GOP women, Condi rocks, Palin sucks, IMO.