Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sharron Angle to take on Harry Reid?

Sharron Angle to Take on Harry Reid

It looks like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may have some competition in 2010. Former Nevada state Assemblywoman Sharron Angle is contemplating running against the Senator. Angle is reaching out to former supporters, hoping to raise $100,000 by May. In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Angle said,

"I need to know what kind of support I have for a run like this. That's what the exploration is all about."

The Nevada Appeal has called her "one of Nevada’s most conservative voices." The Mineral County Independent has called her "A known proven fighter for taxpayers..." And the Las Vegas Sun claims she, "…has been a consistent ‘no’ vote on spending increases in the Legislature.”

According to her website, Angle is focused on several key issues such as limited taxation, developing domestic oil sources, supporting a military force of superior strength, securing the border, a business-friendly and free market environment, reforming Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security, defending the property owner rights, self-defense, family values, protecting life, and education. She says her overall political philosophy is,

"... that government properly exists only by the consent of the governed and must be restrained from intruding into the freedoms of its citizens. In the Nevada State Legislature, I have consistently fought for smaller and more efficient government, traditional values, lower taxes and the right of the people to vote and petition."

Angle served four terms as a Republican Assemblywoman in Nevada's 26th district, serving from 1999 - 2005. During her time in the Nevada Assembly, Angle served on the Committee on High-Level Radioactive Waste, the Legislative Commission, the Information Technology Subcommittee, the Commission on Substance Abuse Education, Prevention, Enforcement, and Treatment, the Committee on Education, the Committee on Elections, Procedures, and Ethics, the Committee on Health and Human Services, and the Nevada Commission of Aging among others. She was the author of the Property Tax Reform Initiative (Prop 13) and has tried to get a property tax limit placed in the Nevada State Constitution.

Angle has a number of other achievements under her belt. She's published a novel, Prairie Fire, and has long been very involved in education. She served a term on the Nye County School Board of Trustees, spent five years as an instructor at Norther Nevada Community College, spent 25 years as a substitute teacher, worked as a lead teacher at World of Light Christian Academy, and served as a tutor and service supervisor for Nye County Juvenile Probation. Her other accomplishments include helping to establish the Ely Hot Line Crisis Call line for troubled teens, Winnemucca Fine Art Gallery, and the Tonopah Life Center for Family Fitness. She has been a small business manager for 22 years and has served as a sexual harassment investigator for 13 years. She is a member of the Republican Women of Reno and the Sonrise Church.

Sharron Angle was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1949 and has lived in Nevada for over 50 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. She has been married to Ted Angle for 35 years and they have two children and ten grandchildren. In her spare time, she paints, writes, swims, skis, and lifts weights.

You can learn more about Angle at her website: Sharron

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  1. I think Sharron is precisely the solution to Harry Reid. She says that for now, it boils down to $$. Visit her website, and consider donating! She says 1 million people at $33 will unseat Harry and begin our return to fiscal responsibility and accountability as a nation. She is no gamble, she is the Right Angle!