Friday, June 25, 2010

Most Hated Women of the GOP

Most Hated Women of the GOP

When it comes to the American Left, negative feelings towards anyone on the other side, especially anyone who is successful, run rampant. And it's that kind of attitude that's prompted the editorial team at to compile a list of the "100 Americans the Left Hates Most." As you can imagine, many of our favorite GOP women made the list. Here is a look at the ones who did and how they manage to get under the skin of liberals.

#2: Sarah Palin - It's no surprise Sarah Palin tops the list at number two (just behind TV and radio host Glenn Beck). When GOP presidential nominee John McCain chose her as his running mate, the right immediately embraced her and the left immediately tried to find something wrong with her. They attacked her looks, her family, and her patriotism. They attacked her success in raising her family and success in her career. They attacked her Conservatism and they attacked her strong will. But in the end, Palin continues to be a start among Conservatives, Republicans, and Tea Partiers, and you can bet that really makes the Left mad.

#5: Ann Coulter - Love her or hate her, you have to respect her for saying what she thinks and not letting anyone or anything keep her from speaking her mind. Writer and political commentator Ann Coulter has been telling it like it is about liberals for years and causing controversy wherever she goes. Political correctness isn't something Coulter knows anything about and for that reason alone, the Left can't stand her.

#6: Michelle Malkin - Michelle Malkin has become a Conservative star in recent years. She blogs, she writes columns and best-selling books, and she appears on Fox News, exposing left-wing hate like no one else can. The victim of everything from racist remarks to personal threats, Malkin seems to get under the skin of every liberal she crosses.

#10: Michele Bachmann - Bachmann, a Conservative Congresswoman from Minnesota tops the list for many of the same reasons as Sarah Palin. She has made a name for herself as a woman with a family and a career, but she touts Conservative values verses wild left-wing feminist views. She's been a strong voice against Obama's health care plan and a strong voice for the tea party movement. This fall, she is up for re-election and the Left is doing everything it can to stop her.

#17: Laura Ingraham Anyone who listens to Laura Ingraham's radio show knows she's in a constant battle against the left to prevent the perversion of our culture by left-wingers who think their way is the only way. Whether she's debating politics or promoting conservatives in Hollywood, Ingraham is always on the lookout for liberals who want to ruin the country.

Other GOP women who made the list? Hannah Giles, the young journalist who posed as a prostitute and brought down ACORN; Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona who is doing what the federal government won't do: standing up to illegal immigration; Liz Cheney, co-founder of Keep America Safe and strong voice for American security; Condoleezza Rice former Secretary of State under President George W. Bush; Phyllis Schlafly, columnist and author; Peggy Noonan, columnist, author, and former assistant to President Ronald Reagan; and S.E. Cupp, author, commentator, and columnist.

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  1. As for the Ann Coulter thing: "Telling liberals like it is"??? I'm conservative and I know better... Ann Coulter is full of SHIT!

  2. Actually, I'm a conservative and I know better… Ann Coulter is right on!! Love her!