Monday, May 31, 2010

Linda Biamonte for New Jersey's 2nd

Linda Biamonte for New Jersey's 2ndNew Jersey's 2nd District is the largest in the entire state. It includes the entire Atlantic Coast, Cape May, Cumberland, County, Salem County, and parts of Gloucester, Burlington, and Camden Counties. All in all, it houses 82 municipalities. If New Jersey native Linda Biamonte gets her way, she'll be representing them all in Congress next year. As her website says, Biamonte wants to put "the 'represent' back in Representative."

Linda Biamonte grew up with her single mother in Ocean City, New Jersey, where she attended public schools and participated in a number of sports. She lettered in basketball and softball, and enjoyed surfing and skating. But she was also a good student, excelling in English and history, who could often be found in the library, doing research. According to her website, her upbringing helped her develop the values she'd like to bring to Congress,
"Because she is an only child raised by a single parent she learned independence and responsibility at a young age. Naturally, she came to appreciate teamwork, the value of a dollar and the closeness of community."
Biamonte, who is currently an Egg Harbor resident, is a strong supporter of our military. She has been a member of the Gathering of Eagles for four years, a group who works to "thwart unjust attacks against our Military" from groups such as Code Pink. The group is non-partisan and compromised of many smaller groups, including Band of Mothers and vets for Freedom. As a matter of fact, one of the main issues Biamonte is campaigning on is support of troops and veterans, including providing health care funding for soldiers who are deployed or injured in the line of duty, and ensuring that troop and veteran funding is never cut.

Biamonte is also a member of many other groups and causes; these include Operation Baghdad Pups, the ASPCA, Toys for Tots, Just Give, We Are a Republic and the NRA. As an NRA member, she supports Second Amendment rights, firearm ownership, and the right to bear arms, stating that "people kill people, not firearms," and "the lawless don't care about gun control laws, only the law abiding citizens care about laws." She's also pro-life and says there is no distinction between the born and unborn. She believes current abortion laws are "poorly constructed."

With a strong desire for self-improvement, Biamonte started out as a boardwalk waitress and went on to work in the food and beverage field, where she held a Union position, public relations, computers, and advertising media. She current serves as Vice President of Sales Americas at Civolution, an advertising technology firm. She put herself through school, advanced her education by retaining a Project Management IS/IT at Villanova, and considers herself, a self-made woman.

So what does Biamonte want to do for the business world? A true fiscal Conservative, she believes in putting "more money in the hands of investors and small businesses through investment tax cuts," cutting payroll taxes, and giving an investment tax cut to small businesses within the first year. Biamonte recognizes that small business owners are the backbone of the country and create the majority of the nation's jobs, and does not believe that creating more government jobs is the answer.

To read more about Linda Biamonte, vist her website here. The New Jersey primaries will be held on June 8.

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  1. If anyone...ANYONE doubts that Biamonte is the best candidate for this job, they should take a close look at Lobiondo's record
    Biamonte is the only conservative in this race.