Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Delia Lopez Wants to Take Back the Country

Delia Lopez Wants to Take Back the Country

Delia Lopez says she was watching a Republican debate during the last election cycle and was not very happy with what she saw. When one candidate suggested people follow the Constitution, the others laughed, and Lopez says it was at that moment she decided that, "We the people had to take our country back!" That's possibly why she is running for Congress in Oregon's 3rd Congressional District.

On her website,, she writes,

"The Constitution is supposed to be the law by which our country is to be governed! It was written to restrain the power of the government and to protect the rights of the people. Our freedoms as spelled out in the Constitution, were given to us by our Creator, and are not to be denied us by any Government. There is no way permitted under the constitution for our rights to be suspended!"

Lopez says she is a Republican because she believes the "strength of the nation lies with the individual and that each person's dignity, freedom, ability, and responsibility must be honored. She is pro-life, because she feels the Constitution guarantees the right to life for everyone. A mother of three, and grandmother of three, she is against federal control of education. She would also like to see the United States leave Iraq immediately, leaving the rebuilding of the country to its people.

In 1989, Lopez and her husband (who have been married for 26 years) began investing in real estate. She created and manged the budget for their project. Her familiarity with the topic could be one reason why Lopez has strong feelings about property rights and why it's one of her top issues. She believes many people try to simplify the pro-property right argument by saying those who fall in line behind it are simply anti-environment. Lopez says this is not the case.

From her website,

"When one has a proper respect for property rights, environmental concerns go away. In a society that respects the property of others, it is cause for legal action if someone pollutes your land, or the water coming across your property, or the air which floats above it. With a proper respect for private property, people can and should be allowed to do whatever they would like with their land - barring any restrictions they agreed to when they purchased the land - up until the point that their actions physically affect their neighbors."

Lopez also has strong feelings about border security. She wants to physically secure the borders as soon as possible and feels that amnesty simply rewards people who have broken laws. She wants to enforce Visa rules and end birthright citizenship. She also feels that illegal aliens should not be allowed welfare and that taxpayers should not be forced to pay for illegal immigrant use of schools, hospitals, roads, and social services. Lopez would also like to see "true" immigration reform passed. She says currently, the system is "incoherent and unfair."

To read more about Delia Lopez, visit her website at

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