Sunday, October 18, 2009

Liz Cheney Launches Keep America Safe

Liz Cheney Launches

Her father may have been Vice President of the United States for eight years, but these days it's Liz Cheney's name you often hear in the news. The former Deputy Secretary of State has been doing everything from standing up for the Bush administration's tactics in the War on Terror to speaking out about national security, leaving many Americans to wonder if she will be running for political office in the near future. One of Cheney's latest projects, along with Weekly Standard founder and editor William Kristol, and former attorney and CourtTV producer Debra Burlingame, is launching Keep America Safe.

The website is designed to keep Americans updated with information about critical national security issues, encourage dialogue between citizens and elected officials, and influence public policy that is critical to the national security of the United States. The website appears to be a result of the current administration's stances on foreign policy. From their mission statement,

The United States remains a nation at war. We face a growing threat from rogue regimes that seek or have already obtained nuclear weapons. America’s interests are challenged by an authoritarian China, a resurgent Russia, and dictators in our own hemisphere who ally themselves with our adversaries. Amidst the great challenges to America’s security and prosperity, the current administration too often seems uncertain, wishful, irresolute, and unwilling to stand up for America, our allies and our interests.

The statement goes on to talk about how the Obama administration is going against policies that have kept the country safe since September 11, 2001, talks about how America is an unparalleled positive force in the world, and talks about how Keep America Safe will make the case for an "unapologetic approach" to fighting terrorism, victory for wars in which the country fights, democracy, human rights, and a strong military.

The website features a number of resources that help support Keep America Safe's mission. Resources include a former CIA director's letter to President Obama, the 9/11 Commission Report, recent news stories on Pakistan from the New York Times and the Associated Press, letters from al-Zawahiri to al-Zarqawi, along with critical thinking and commentary pieces from the likes of Time Magazine and Debra Burlingame.

A special "Spotlight" section highlights a photo and information about "high value" Gitmo detainee Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Under the "Take Action" section, there are ways for the American public to get involved with Keep America Safe's mission, including ways to contact your legislators, write to news editors, call talk radio, join the website's emailing list, or make a financial contribution.

Keep America Safe is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, according to the website. You can keep up with the organization via Twitter, Facebook or their special Youtube video channel, or visit the website for more information: Keep America Safe.

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