Friday, September 18, 2009

WWE's Linda McMahon to Run for Senate

WWE's Linda McMahon to Run for Senate

Following former Colorado Lt. Governor Jane Norton, Linda McMahon became the second Republican woman to announce that she would run for a United States Senate seat this week. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) CEO announced on Wednesday that she'd be entering the race to unseat current Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd. McMahon would run as a Republican in what's quickly becoming one of the biggest political races in the country.

In a statement, she said,

"Washington is out of control, and sadly, Senator Chris Dodd has lost his way and our trust. I can't sit by on the sidelines anymore knowing that I have both the experience and the strength to stand up to special interests and bring badly needed change to Washington."

McMahon's campaign financing will come mostly from the wealth she and her husband, Vince, have accumulated through their wrestling empire. Running as a fiscal conservative, she has pledged not to take cash from any political action committees or special interest groups and has put a $100 limit on any private donations made to her campaign. There are several other prominent people running for Dodd's seat including former Congressman Rob Simmons, former ambassador Tom Foley, state Senator Sam Caligiuri, and former Ron Paul advisor Peter Schiff.

McMahon has been involved with the Connecticut Republican Party for several years and appointed to Connecticut State Board of Education by Governor Jodi Rell earlier this year. She was nominated in the State Senate with an overwhelming 34-1 vote. She has given money to a number of political candidates - both Republicans and Democrats - including Joe Lieberman and Rahm Emanuel.

As for her duties as CEO of WWE, McMahon's husband will be taking over, effective immediately. The couple's two children, Shane and Stephanie McMahon are also involved in WWE operations and are expected to help with their mother's duties.

Linda Marie Edwards-McMahon was born October 4, 1948 in North Carolina. She graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in French. She is also a certified teacher. She and Vince McMahon met at church when they were just thirteen and sixteen and after dating throughout high school, they were married in 1966. The couple has resided in Connecticut for the last 30 years.

McMahon is committed to public service and supports a number of organizations including the USO, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, the Starlight Foundation and Community Mayors. She also supports the Connecticut Grand Opera and its arts education program. She is also responsible for creating the Get R.E.A.L. initiative for education and literacy. She has served on the Governor's Council for the World Special Olympics and in 2004, she was elected to serve on the Board of Trustees of Sacred Heart University.

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