Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Supriya Jindal - Louisiana's First Lady

Supriya Jindal
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is one of the Republican Party's rising stars, but not many know the state's first lady, Supriya Jindal. Despite being the youngest first lady in the country, at 37, Mrs. Jindal already has quite the list of accomplishments.

Jindal was born in New Delhi, India, but has spent most of her life in Louisiana. She has also spent her entire life as a Republican; Jindal tells, "I've always been a Republican. My parents, too." Described as a "model student" by a former professor, Jindal attended college at Tulane University where she studied chemical engineering, earned a Master's degree in business administration, and is just shy of a Ph.D. from Louisiana State.

Despite going to high school together and the Governor's then crush on the "prettiest girl I'd ever seen," Supriya and Governor Bobby Jindal didn't reconnect until 1997 when Bobby invited her on a date. A few months and a few dating mishaps later, they were married. The Jindals have three children: Selia, Shaan, and Slade.

As first lady of Louisiana, she has started The Supriya Jindal Foundation. According to the foundation's website, their mission is to:

...aid Louisiana’s children in all aspects of education, with special emphasis on mathematics and the sciences, while also giving teachers new tools that will foster an innovative and enriching learning environment

Through the foundation, Jindal says she wants to help Louisiana's children develop an interest and talent in science and math so they can become "competitive in the national and global economy."

In a recent interview with Meghan McCain at The Daily Beast, Jindal say she never thought she'd be involved in politics but she loves seeing the difference her husband makes in their home state and she enjoys traveling around the state and meeting different people. From the interview:

One thing that I have discovered going on the campaign trail is that it doesn’t matter what kind of an education you have, how big your house is, or what kind of car you drive or what color you are, what party you belong to, what religion you are. None of that matters. At the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing for their families and their children. They all want a better life for their children. We have all these labels and things, but we are all working toward the same goal: We all want a better life for our family than we have for ourselves.

You can read more of McCain's interview with Supriya Jindal at The Daily Beast.

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